This is a new and exciting sector where our marine and offshore knowledge can deliver multiple benefits to the effectiveness and momentum of any project.

Our diversity of experience includes the following:

  • Tidal turbine installations: working with the manufacturer and project management team on numerous aspects of the project including the application and execution of the access system.
  • Developing conversion work scope: part or complete project management through to delivery of cable, seismic and other specialist vessels.
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation of Cable Ships, Flotels, CTV’s & Barges: all required to be achieved under tight time constraints. minimal time utilising resources efficiently and effectively to commence or complete the contract in a timely manner.
  • Design reviews of wind farm support vessels: providing marine and technical support on selection of supplier and vessels, equipment identification, project supervision and management.
  • On and Off-hire surveys and audits: all tailored to the clients requirements and supported by a comprehensive report.