Our expertise covers an extensive range of projects types and a wide variety of vessels and craft. Our damage surveys frequently lead to repair specification, docking, repair management and close out with the insurer.

Docking is expensive to owners and costs are often impacted by loss of revenue during the off-service period. Forte Maritime are experts in the managing flag & class requirements, tendering and execution of the work specifically in the following areas:-

Repair specification writing, tender management, evaluation, and execution.

  • General project management and support
  • Conversion, modification and upgrade management and support
  • New build development, tendering, management and supervision from workboats to ships
  • Tender management and contractor selection
  • Contract negotiation and implementation including dispute resolution assistance
  • Planned maintenance development and implementation

In addition we can provide specialist input on technical writing for procedures and manuals or development of planned maintenance systems and contents. These can either be to your own system or two systems we can recommended.