Our services can cover root cause of failure to condition assessment of machinery and or performance recommendations for improvements and if required we can manage the process.

Supplementing this we can review the programmed maintenance, supplement further development, improvements or modification whilst considering life time costing’s. If required we can rewrite according to Class, Makers and Owners recommendations.

Our experience covers:-

  • Many aspects of operational ship management including budget control, procurement to claims management.
  • Slow, medium & high speed marine diesel engines
  • Ships propulsion systems including specialist drives such as “Z”, Voith drives.
  • Steam and gas turbine driven plant and auxiliary systems
  • Vessels hotel services, HVAC and specialists refrigeration plants.
  • Electrical and control systems up to medium voltage
  • Pumping system from sea water to oil and powders
  • STS operations and cargo handling
  • Refrigerated cargo and deep sea factory fishing vessel
  • Amphibious operations/discharge inclusive of beaching & deployment

If you have a requirement that is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us.