The insured’s vessel had suffered two generator failures in relatively quick succession causing catastrophic failure of diesel engines driving vessels main generators.



·           Diesel fuel contamination by bacteria lead to rapid deterioration of critical components
           in the gen-set fuel systems.

·          Fuel injector spring failure was initiated by pitting of the springs from bacteria 
          contaminated diesel.

·         This lead to fuel wash in the cylinder liners, which had removed the oil from the liner
          walls leading to rapid seizure.

·         Leading to seizure of some pistons in the liners

·         Followed by engine blocks fractured and jacket water discharged from the engine.

·         Time from generator common alarm to point of catastrophic failure was insufficient
          to allow generator to be auto or manually shut down.



Amount claimed circa: USD 180,000


·            Strip down for inspection

·         Identify root cause of failure

·         Prepare access for engine removal and refitting

·         Remove failed diesel engines x 2 from the vessel

·         Rebuild diesel engines x 2 in workshop

·         Reinstall engines, realignment and test run

·         Clean all contaminated fuel tanks and systems

·         Fit water filtration units to the gas oil system (system improvement)

·         Vessel hire loss

Lessons learnt:

·         Fuel management and tank circulation of marine gas oil is paramount
          and needed to be implemented.

·         Regular fuel analysis and load separation should be in operation.

·         Water drainage points for fuel tanks should be readily accessible and drained regularly.

·         Suitable gas oil filtration systems should be installed after the service tanks to ensure
          capture of any sediment and water still remaining in the gas oil.

·         Existing maintenance regimes needed to be improved.

·         Alarm system to be modified to allow further definition of alarms instead of a common
          alarm for all engine alarms.