Forte Maritime was awarded a multiple docking contract for three ferries. Work Scope included developing the "Specification of Repair" from operational needs & requirements, historical records,
Class & flag requirements taking into consideration any new legislation. The specification was put out to tender in Europe and award secured to the most cost effective yard which included a volume discount for the Owner.
Vessels were docked back to back and the main scope consisted of large steel renewals, fendering upgrades, main and auxiliary engine overhauls, set-up of recently installed main switchboards and a full painting schedule inside and out. Thework was completed to a high standard and both Operators and Owners were satisfied with the quality of finish. 

Forte Maritime has been actively engaged throughout the year in this new market. There are many new players in the market and Forte Maritime's experience has supported various companies in developing their activities in this sector. Work has included upgrade and life extension surveys on vessels and barges. Design review studies and summaries, On/Off hire surveys and client representation in contractual disputes.

Forte Maritime in conjunction with an American Owned Seismic company entered into a relationship to stabilize and improve the redundancy and reliability of a chartered offshore multi-purpose support vessel carrying out seabed seismic work. Forte Maritime’s role was to manage the upgrade process and satisfy the Seismic Companies Client, an Aberdeen based Oil Major that the multi-purpose support vessel’s reliability was substantially improved.
The review and implementation took place during crew changes; therefore the process had to be managed in a timely manner to avoid any contractual penalties. The review included implementing a comprehensive upgrade of the existing main switchboard equipment, power management software packages and training of both crews in the operation of the vessel in various conditions and scenarios. The training scenarios included improving procedures for operating inside platforms 500m zone to complete loss of power “blackout” and the knowledge to reinstate power and propulsion in a timely and coordinated manner.

Forte Maritime have managed a long term technical management contract. Client assistance was supplied to all areas of technical management including budget development and management, crew development and many other aspects. Overall objectives was to ensure good operational practices were utilised and the new crews had a good understanding of the operational requirements and a comprehensive involvement and ownership in all operational aspects.

In conjunction with a well known software house Forte Maritime has produced a new programmed maintenance package for three  chemical tankers. The aim is to improve maintenance management aspects with an improved operational uptime for the fleet of Chemical Tankers based in Canada. This also took into consideration Flag & Class requirements, makers recommendations and personal experience. Work is being finalised to ensure the system is fined tuned to the Clients requirements.